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Welcome to “Write the Future”, the nexus of our Letters-4-Legacy mission and your stepping stone into a future guided by your voice. This is where we rally as Star Trek fandom, take inspiration from a historic campaign, and use that energy to influence the fate of an exciting new chapter of Star Trek: Terry Matalas’ vision for Star Trek: Legacy.

Star Trek: Legacy, as envisioned by Terry Matalas, promises to be a dynamic blend of the old and new. Embodying the spirit of exploration and camaraderie aboard the Enterprise-G, captained by Jerri Ryan’s Seven of Nine. Legacy would introduce new characters and concepts, while also revisiting beloved characters from TNG, DS9, and VOY. Star Trek: Legacy has the powerful potential to be a beacon for both lifelong fans and those new to the franchise.

Yet, despite the clear potential of this series, its realization is far from certain. With Paramount+’s slate already filled with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Lower Decks, Prodigy, the newly announced Starfleet Academy series, and several direct-to-streaming Star Trek movies and limited event series, the production budget and schedule for new content have tightened. Over the decades, more Star Trek series have found themselves lost in the development black hole than have been produced.

This is where we draw inspiration from the legendary ‘Save Star Trek’ campaign, spearheaded by Bjo and John Trimble. Thanks to the Trimbles’ initiative and the massive letter-writing campaign that ensued, the original Star Trek series was renewed for a third season, ultimately paving the way for all Star Trek series and films that followed. We stand on the shoulders of these giants as we echo their actions to ensure Star Trek: Legacy gets its rightful place in the pantheon of Star Trek series.

A personal letter carries more weight and significance than an online petition or email. It is a tangible representation of your dedication to the cause, your hope for the future, and your love for the Star Trek universe. It makes a powerful statement to Paramount+ that cannot be easily dismissed or overlooked.

Here, you will find everything you need to craft a compelling letter to Paramount+. From detailed instructions on effective letter writing to letter templates that cater to various styles and tones, we’ve got you covered. The templates are designed to assist and inspire you, but remember, your personal touch is what makes each letter unique and impactful.

We urge you to be part of this historic movement, to put pen to paper and shape the future of the Star Trek universe. It’s time for us, the fans, to unite and be loud for the realization of Star Trek: Legacy. Let’s write the future, together.

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