What Star Trek Has Meant To One Man.

I’ve been a Star Trek fan since the day it first aired on analog Television.
(September the 8th 1966)

I had three great impression’s coming from The Original Series (TOS).

Number 1: The show featured a racially mixed crew that included an Asian, a black woman, and a Russian (in character), all working in complete harmony, which brought me to the conclusion I will not be partial to another color of a human as long as they were just a respectful to me as I am to them (that still holds true to this day). Gene Roddenberry did his best to not only present a future where everyone was equal, but he also tried to incorporate stories that addressed the issues that confronted his audience on a nearly daily basis.

The second one I noticed: The technology. My thought’s led me to believe we would have that type of technology in the future. Gadgets like the communicator (now cell phones/smartphones), desktop computers (now high-end gaming computers), hand-held computer devices (now Tablets, smartphones), Phasers (now Tazers -not really as close to a phaser though-), Tri-Corders (Canada company made the first real Tricorder), then later when ST: TNG came along, we got the communicator badge (now Bluetooth) Etc, … Well, you get the point.

The third one: And yes it did take me some time to see this one. I noticed how Starfleet and its principles were vital to the success of the human race. Roddenberry shows us a world in which humanity as a whole has put aside its petty differences and embraced a leading role in shaping the galaxy’s political and cultural system. How much better could the future possibly look than one in which a united human race works in communion with other intelligent species to make the universe a better place?

Carolina Crossroads

Star Trek shows us that no matter how bad the world outside our windows gets, there is still a bring light at the end and that humanity has the potential to be so much more than it has ever been.

Finally, there is the Federation itself—a lot like the UN, but it works a lot better. Instead of just a meeting place for various nation-states to attempt to resolve their conflicts, the Federation is a galactic government that unites hundreds of different species all working towards common goals. What is even more amazing is that in the show not only is humanity a member of this organization, but it is one of the founding members and the true driving force behind it.

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