Support the Petition for Star Trek: Legacy 5-29-2023 5:00 pm PST

Introduction The petition is a powerful demonstration of fan unity, a fervent call to materialize “Star Trek: Legacy”. It seeks to extend the thrilling narratives of the 25th century introduced in Star Trek: Picard Season 3 under the guiding hand of Terry Matalas. Powered by the passion and enthusiasm of Trekkies worldwide, this online movement is making waves in the Star Trek universe.

Our Stance At Letters 4 Legacy, we stand in full solidarity with this mission. We believe in the power of collective voice and action and endorse the efforts of in their pursuit to materialize Terry Matalas’ vision. Star Trek: Legacy holds the promise of continuing the adventures of our beloved universe, navigating the complexities of the future while honoring the rich legacy of its past.

Our Action Plan To support the creation of Star Trek: Legacy, we’ve devised an action plan which includes:

  1. Consistently streaming Star Trek: Picard Season 3 on Paramount+.
  2. Signing the petition for Star Trek: Legacy.
  3. Penning our heartfelt Letters 4 Legacy to Tom Ryan at Paramount Global, expressing our individual desires to see Star Trek: Legacy come to life.
  4. Staying engaged with the community and participating in outreach activities.

Your Role We urge every member of our community to join this noble quest. Your signature on the petition can make a tangible difference, edging us closer to the realization of Star Trek: Legacy. Remember, in the words of Captain Picard, “Things are only impossible until they’re not.” Let’s venture together into the realm of the possible. Engage!

Use the following hashtags to promote the cause: #StarTrekLegacy, #Letters4Legacy, #Artists4Legacy, #terrytrek

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