Sean A. Preston

Sean A. Preston

Meet the Captain of our ship, a lifelong science fiction enthusiast, dedicated single dad, passionate Star Trek devotee, and the spark that ignited Letters-4-Legacy, Sean A. Preston. His first brush with the awe-inspiring potential of the future was during a family trip to Mann’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, where a young Preston watched his first sci-fi film. Since then, his passion for the genre, particularly Star Trek, has only grown stronger.

His journey to becoming a Star Trek super-fan began in earnest with the premiere of Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1987. The unforgettable moment of Commander Riker encountering Data on the holodeck filled young Preston with a sense of hope, excitement, and longing to be part of ‘that’ future. That episode didn’t just entertain him; it inspired him and paved the path for a lifelong passion for the Star Trek universe.

Preston’s zeal for all things Trek led him to what he considers one of his favorite jobs, working at the Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. His everyday routines involved vibrant conversations with fellow Trekkies, discussing everything from trivia to Heisenberg Coupler modulations. One of his most cherished memories was exploring the Star Trek media vault during his tenure at ST:TE. He fondly recalls the exhilaration of encountering never-before-seen production stills and exclusive media content. One such image of the Dedication Plaque for Captain Picard’s Captain’s Yacht, ‘The Cousteau,’ remains imprinted in his memory.

Star Trek’s influence extends beyond his professional life. Its themes of diversity, unity, and optimism have deeply impacted his personal worldview, shaping him into a more appreciative and empathetic individual. As a single dad of two wonderfully unique children, he has seen first-hand how individual differences contribute to the beautiful tapestry of life.

When rumors surfaced about a possible continuation of the story introduced in Star Trek: Picard’s Season 3, Preston felt a resurgence of that long-ago feeling of excitement and hope. The unveiling of the Enterprise-G with Captain Seven of Nine at the helm breathed life into the Letters-4-Legacy initiative. Determined to do more than simply sign online petitions, Preston dedicated himself to supporting “Picard” Season 3 showrunner, Terry Matalas’ vision for the future of Star Trek, a mission that has since gathered many like-minded fans.

While Star Trek remains at the heart of his passions, Preston’s interests are far-reaching. From the classic ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ to the epic ‘Dune’ series, he immerses himself in the realm of science fiction. A shared birthday with ‘Dune’ author Frank Herbert and a deep admiration for Carl Sagan further feed his sci-fi enthusiasm. When he’s not contemplating the cosmos or the boundless possibilities of science fiction, he finds joy in exploring open-world video games, and e-bike riding.

His life mantra echoes one of Star Trek’s most enduring quotes: ‘The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.’ His hope for Letters-4-Legacy extends beyond merely being a fan movement. He envisions it as a community of Star Trek and sci-fi fans utilizing utopian science fiction to shape a better future for humanity.

So, as Preston often says, ‘The legacy of the future awaits, and with imagination and determination, we can bring it to life.’

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