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The Power of Trekkies: How Fans Brought ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Back on Netflix

Star Trek is more than a mere series; it’s a cultural movement. Throughout its iconic history, it has birthed a global community of fervent enthusiasts: Trekkies. These devoted fans have consistently demonstrated their ability to shape the narrative of the Star Trek universe. A shining example of this influence is the triumphant return of “Star Trek: Prodigy” on Netflix, driven by the #SAVEStarTrekProdigy campaign and its dedicated spearhead, Michelle Stokes (@Megsmamma).

The removal of “Star Trek: Prodigy” from Paramount+ caused quite a stir and ignited a wave of concern among its large fan base. This catalyzed the Trekkies to rally under the flag of #SAVEStarTrekProdigy. In today’s digital landscape, online petitions may seem commonplace, but the weight of almost 34k signatures on change.org was difficult to ignore. It wasn’t just about the numbers, but the passion and conviction that each signature represented.

The campaign reached a dramatic peak when an aerial banner gracefully flew over Netflix’s headquarters. Orchestrated by Michelle Stokes, this bold move was not merely for visual spectacle; it was a declaration – the Star Trek spirit is indomitable.

Alex Kurtzman, the executive producer of “Star Trek: Prodigy”, recognized and lauded this overwhelming fan movement during his address at last weeks New York Comic Con. His heartfelt acknowledgment, tracing the show’s journey from its initial 2021 NYCC unveiling to its celebrated comeback on Netflix, echoed the sentiments of every Trekkie.

The news of “Star Trek: Prodigy” making its debut on Netflix this year, coupled with a highly anticipated second season slated for 2024, is electrifying. Crafted by Kevin and Dan Hageman, “Prodigy” is pioneering as the first Star Trek aimed predominantly at the younger generation. With its new home on Netflix, the series is set to captivate a more expansive audience, hopefully propelling its narrative forward for seasons to come.

As we celebrate this achievement, another chapter filled with potential is on the horizon: “Star Trek: Legacy.” “Legacy”, as envisioned by showrunner Terry Matalas, is the NEXT, next generation of Trek aboard the Enterprise-G captained by Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine. Despite an outpouring of support from fans, many obstacles confront this promising potential new series. A recent Collider.com article spotlights the efforts of the Letters-4-Legacy campaign, aiming to harness the same Trekkie spirit that rejuvenated “Prodigy” to bring “Legacy” to life.

The #SAVEStarTrekProdigy narrative is not merely about fandom but about collective resolve. Now, Trekkies, with a newfound frontier awaiting exploration, it’s our moment to champion the future of this beloved franchise. Let’s unite in our mission at Letters-4-Legacy.org and ensure Star Trek’s legacy remains vibrant for generations to come.

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Stardate with Destiny-Join the POWER of 7 Cosmic Binge Event

In the ever-expanding universe of Star Trek, moments of franchise’s history pivot on the dedication of its fanbase. This time, it’s about the captivating “Star Trek: Picard S3” and the promising potential of a groundbreaking spin-off: Star Trek: Legacy.

The Context: Despite the effusive critical acclaim, enthusiastic fan feedback, and a significant buzz this award season, “Legacy” remains tethered to the realm of possibilities rather than concrete plans. Terry Matalas, the visionary behind Picard S3, has signaled an informal baton pass to fans, suggesting a tradition where viewers have a say in the trajectory of the series.

The Plan: On #7of9day, September 7th, starting 7pm Eastern Time (4pm Pacific, 11pm Universal Time), an ambitious “POWER of 7” watch party is slated. The aim? Provide a measurable surge in the streaming ratings of “Star Trek: Picard S3”. Such an endeavor, while nostalgic in its grassroots approach, presents a modern, data-driven case to the decision-makers at Paramount: there’s a palpable audience appetite for “Star Trek: Legacy”.

Why Engage?: For long-term aficionados and new Trekkies alike, this is an opportunity to steer the Enterprise (or in this case, the Enterprise-G with 7 of 9 at the helm) into a new narrative realm – the 25th century. While viewer engagement has always been the bedrock of Star Trek’s success, it’s rare to translate this engagement into actionable metrics the industry can’t ignore.

Star Trek: Legacy-the POWER of 7
credit: @wilwong1971/twitter

How to Participate:

  • Stream “Star Trek: Picard S3” via your preferred platform, either during the marathon on #7of9day or any time during the week starting September 3rd.
  • Spread the word. While individual viewership is crucial, the collective voice, amplified via social media and personal networks, is potent.
  • For those keen on shared experiences, there’s an official watch party chat on DISCORD, poised to be a hub of vibrant discussions and analyses.

In the often-cyclical world of entertainment, the allure of Star Trek remains steadfast. This initiative, blending old-world fan fervor with contemporary viewing habits, seeks to underscore what Trekkies have always known: Star Trek’s is more than a show, it is a future worth fighting for.


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Away Mission Report from Star Trek Las Vegas

Stardate: 08.03-06 2023

The Star Trek universe has witnessed many missions, adventures, and storylines, but none quite like the excitement we encountered during Creation’s 57 Year Mission at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas this year. From August 3-6, fans and 164 scheduled guests converged in a place that has long been a hotspot for all things Star Trek. Yet, this year felt particularly electrifying. Why? Three words: Star Trek: Legacy.

Throughout the convention, one name seemed to be on everyone’s lips: Terry Matalas. Matalas, known for his incredible work as showrunner of the TNG reunion that is ‘Star Trek: Picard’ season 3, graced the vendor floor, engaging with fans. This wasn’t all. On Saturday, he shared the stage with Todd Stashwick and Jonathan Frakes, diving deep into nuanced discussion. Yet, the icing on the cake had to be the TNG reunion panel he moderated on Friday evening. Special guests including Brent Spiner , Denise Crosby, Gates McFadden, John de Lancie, Jonathan Frakes , LeVar Burton, Marina Sirtis and Michael Dorn brought nostalgia and excitement to an electrified audience.

Amid all these festivities, one spot remained a consistent hive of activity: the Letters-4-Legacy table. Here, during our ‘Write the Future’ drive we collected an impressive 11 pounds of handwritten and hand-signed letters. The mission? To rally support behind the greenlighting of Matalas’ vision for Star Trek: Legacy on Paramount+.

Our efforts weren’t without findings. A casual survey we conducted suggested that a staggering 90% of Trek fans in attendance are keen to see Captain Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), Commander Raffi Musiker (Michelle Hurd), and Special Counselor Jack Crusher (Ed Speleers) embark on new adventures in the 25th century aboard the Enterprise-G.

But here’s the twist: many fans, passionate and informed as they are, were unaware that Star Trek: Legacy is still hanging in the production balance. The culmination of Picard S3—with its tantalizing tease of Seven’s command phrase and the surprise return of Q (John DeLancey) challenging humanity at the Continuum’s Supreme “Being” Court—felt like the setup to a classic Star Trek saga. The majority of fans are poised for this to continue in Star Trek: Legacy. Discovering that these adventures might remain confined to their imaginations was a shock.

Consistently, fans conveyed that they want more. The resounding sentiment? “The more Trek, the better” and “Let Terry work his magic.” Over 60,000 digital signatures on the change.org petition, set up by The Popcast, echoes this. With the success of Picard S3, even breaking into the streaming top 10 and generating award season buzz, many assumed that Star Trek: Legacy was inevitable.

But reality isn’t so clear-cut. While shows like Strange New Worlds received backing during Paramount+’s Trek expansion phase, the network’s current slate is packed. From the imminent production of SNW’s third season to the launch of Starfleet Academy and other limited series, there’s no plan to produce Legacy.

Given the ongoing WGA & SAG-AFTRA strikes, and out of respect for the industry’s talented writers and actors, we’re keeping our discussions on the future of Legacy private. But it’s clear: if this series is to come to fruition under Matalas’ guidance, the fan community must rally. We have a unique opportunity, reminiscent of Bjo and John Trimble’s iconic “Save Star Trek” campaign, to make our voices heard. Thousands of letters sent to Paramount Global in NY could indeed make Legacy a reality.

To sustain our momentum, we urge you to raise awareness of Star Trek: Legacy. Arrange letter-writing drives in your community, partake in our “The Power of 7” Picard S3 watch party on September 7th, and brainstorm fundraising strategies to elevate our campaign.

For those looking to dive deeper into this mission, keep an eye on our Facebook and 𝕏 (Twitter) for exclusive Discord invites. We’re scouting for command officers keen on propelling Star Trek into its 25th Century frontier with Star Trek: Legacy.

The legacy of the future beckons. Will you answer its call?

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Welcome to Letters-4-Legacy.org “Write the Future” Drive @ Creation 57 Year Mission

We are thrilled to welcome you to the “Write the Future” drive hosted by Letters-4-Legacy.org at the RIO All Suites Hotel in Las Vegas from August 3rd to 6th, 2023. Our self-funded grassroots fan initiative was inspired by “Save Star Trek” and aims to advocate for Paramount to produce the Picard S3 spin-off series, “Star Trek: Legacy.”

Our mission is fueled by the fervor ignited by showrunner Terry Matalas, who teased the possibility of a 25th Century show exploring the Last Generation and the Next in the “Star Trek: Picard” universe. With the Enterprise-G warping from space dock, commanded by 7 of 9, in the Picard Season 3 finale, the enthusiasm among fans has soared.

Jonathan Frakes and other TNG alumni have expressed their belief in the show’s potential and the fan reaction’s significance. It is clear that “Star Trek” fans are loyal and passionate, and we are committed to making our voices heard in calling for the production of “Star Trek: Legacy.”

Our “Write the Future” drive emphasizes the power of an analog letter in our digitally dominated world. A single letter can have a profound impact, surpassing thousands of social media likes or comments. During the convention, we will provide all the materials you need to write compelling letters in support of “Star Trek: Legacy.” Visit letters-4-Legacy.org/write-the-future for letter-writing tips and templates.

For those unable to attend STLV or prefer to submit typed letters, send your print-ready file to contact@Letters-4-Legacy.org with “STLV Write the Future” in the subject line. All letters will be collected and express-mailed to Tom Ryan, President & CEO of streaming Paramount Global.

We envision expanding our reach by filing as a 501(c) to fundraise tax-free with full transparency. Our fundraising goals include reaching fans face-to-face at other conventions, purchasing ads in Hollywood trade, and billboards in LA, NY, and major cities worldwide.

To achieve this, we seek your support to “Fund the Future.” Explore our limited selection of writing-themed merchandise, including Photon Pens and our unique “Synothgraph Stationary.” All proceeds from sales will be used to further our mission.

Connect with us on Facebook @ facebook.com/groups/letters4legacy and Twitter @ Twitter.com/letterslegacy to share ideas and participate in other aspects. During the convention, we’ll post how you can get free exclusive fan art from @KenBen0bi and @wilwong1971.

Are you brimming with ideas, suggestions, or skills? We’re looking for Discord moderators, PR/Media relations, analytics experience, video editors, social media content creators, and anyone passionate about realizing Matalas’ vision for “Star Trek: Legacy.” Reach out to us at contact@letters-4-legacy.org.

In the words of Captain Picard, “things are impossible until they are not.” With creativity, persistence, and positivity, we have a chance to make history by helping launch the next frontier of adventure in the 25th century. The legacy of the future awaits. Let’s write it together!

RED ALERT: The First 10 STLV Attendees to participate in “Write the Future” and tell us the CODE PHRASE: “PROJECT GENESIS” receive a free STLV Exclusive Print of @KenBen0bi’s “THE LEGACY OF THE FUTURE.”

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Can Terry Matalas and Star Trek Fans Replicate the Success of the #SaveWarriorNun Campaign?

Star Trek fans, it’s time to take a cue from a campaign that has boldly gone where few have succeeded before. The Warrior Nun fanbase, the Halo Bearers, have achieved the incredible – the revival of their beloved show from the specter of cancellation.

“See fans? You can make a difference!” tweeted Terry Matalas, Showrunner of Star Trek: Picard, echoing the triumph of Simon Barry’s Warrior Nun. Matalas’ words serve as a call to arms, as much a testament to the power of fans as a stirring call to action for supporters of his yet-unrealized vision for a spin-off of Picard Season 3: “Star Trek: Legacy”.

Warrior Nun was canceled by Netflix in December 2022, despite a successful second season, leaving fans in shock and clamoring for more. Undeterred, the Halo Bearers rallied with resolve, channeling their passion into a potent movement. Social media rewatch parties were organized, fan art disseminated, and even billboards bought worldwide. This six-month #SaveWarriorNun campaign was a juggernaut that could not be ignored.

The campaign’s results speak for themselves: nearly 125,000 signatures on a Change.org petition, almost $50,000 raised via GoFundMe, and close to 7 million tweets under the #SaveWarriorNun hashtag. The upshot? A renewed Warrior Nun, poised to return more epic than ever, according to showrunner Barry.

While Terry Matalas has captivated fans with his concept for Star Trek: Legacy, he has also made it clear that there’s currently no active development for the project. Paramount+ already has a full slate of live-action Star Trek shows, and the recent unforeseen cancellation of Prodigy — despite its nearly completed second season — casts an air of uncertainty. The future of Star Trek: Legacy is therefore in a nebulous state, existing only as a dream within the minds of fans and its passionate advocate, Matalas. But the #SaveWarriorNun campaign shows us that dreams can become reality. As Matalas has rallied fans to #BeLoud, it becomes evident that the destiny of Star Trek: Legacy lies in the persistence and determination of its fans. A loud, unified voice has the power to navigate the uncertain cosmos of the streaming landscape and beam Star Trek: Legacy into existence.

Warrior Nun fans have set the bar for what is possible in today’s chaotic streaming landscape, where the continuation of beloved stories is far from guaranteed. Trekkies, it’s our turn to rise to this challenge, to channel our energy, and show our dedication to the Star Trek universe.

I don’t believe in a no-win scenario.

James t. kirk

The legacy of Star Trek is rooted in exploring new frontiers and possibilities. It’s time to bring that spirit of exploration, that belief in the possible, to our campaign. As Star Trek fans we live the words of Captain James T. Kirk, “I don’t believe in a no-win scenario.”

Let’s rally behind Star Trek: Legacy, harnessing the power of our collective voices. Who knows, perhaps we’ll be celebrating our own victory sooner than we imagine. Our mission awaits. We can accomplish the impossible.

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Trek to the Future-Could Terry Matalas’ “Star Trek: Legacy” be a Time Travel Odyssey?

Since its inception, the Star Trek franchise has produced some of its most compelling narratives centered around time travel. From iconic episodes such as “City on the Edge of Forever” and “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” to entire films like “Star Trek: The Voyage Home” and “First Contact,” time travel has been at the heart of Star Trek’s appeal.

The recent ‘Strange New Worlds’ episode, “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow,” has continued this tradition, drawing inspiration from Trek’s storied past and introducing a Trek twist on a quintessential time travel dilemma: “Would you kill baby Hitler, given the chance?”

In our recent article, “Terry Matalas’ Trek: Top Ten Potential Storylines for Star Trek: Legacy,” we speculated on possible narratives involving the temporal cold war and Data’s potential role as a temporal agent. Given Terry Matalas’ profound interest in time travel – as evidenced by his remarkable personal contributions to the restoration of the Universal Hero car and creation of the mind bending SyFy series’12 Monkeys’ – it’s reasonable to suggest that this theme might play a significant role in “Star Trek: Legacy.”

Matalas’ passion for time travel shines in his work on ’88MPH: The Story of the DeLorean Time Machine,’ which documents the iconic car’s restoration. His personal DeLorean Time Machine replica is widely recognized for its accuracy and has made numerous TV appearances, including on “Jay Leno’s Garage.”

Given this background, could Star Trek: Legacy see significant time travel story arcs, or even a whole season dedicated to the theme? Could time travel become the central thematic drive for the entire series?

Let’s indulge ourselves in a bit of speculative fan storytelling. Drawing inspiration from ‘Back to the Future II,’ imagine a plotline involving the return of the infamous Tribbles, entwined with a classic Trek ‘Conspiracy’ and sprinkled with a bit of Matalas inspired easter eggs…

“Future” Empire Magazine cover, courtesy @wilwong1971


In the sprawling tapestry of the cosmos, a beacon of bold adventure, the Enterprise-G, carves a path through space, leading a diplomatic envoy under the guidance of Ezri Dax to the newly contacted Raritan III. This marks the bold (hypothetical) introduction to Star Trek: Legacy, a narrative symphony marrying the comforts of the known with the thrill of the new, navigating the ever-captivating frontiers of space-time.

Helmed by the maverick Captain Seven of Nine, the diplomatic mission unfolds with a rhythm of formality until it is disrupted by a surprising communique. Worf, Starfleet’s seasoned Klingon warrior, contacts Ezri for a covert meeting in a local bar, hinting at a mystery that sets the stage for intrigue.

Inside the bar, a low hum of chatter overlays old-world melodies, cradling patrons of diverse origins. Tribbles, those adorable fuzzballs, purr contentedly, captivating many. Into this tableau of galactic camaraderie saunters Cyrano Jones, the infamous trader from “The Trouble with Tribbles.” Intriguingly, a century has seemingly left no trace on him.

The plot thickens when Worf confronts Jones, only to be hurled aside by a strength belying Jones’ appearance, who promptly transports away. As the dust of bewilderment settles, First Officer Raffaela Musiker contacts Worf with news of alarming tachyon energy readings from an orbiting vessel – a temporal fissure. The narrative takes an exhilarating turn as Worf reveals his covert directive from Starfleet Temporal Investigations, and the crew embarks on a thrilling chase after the time-hopping Jones.

Stepping out of the fissure, the crew witnesses history alive and breathing. The lively Space Station K7, the majestic silhouette of Kirk’s Enterprise, and the ominous presence of a Klingon Battle Cruiser welcome them to a bygone era. Now, they must navigate the known past, and unravel the enigma of Jones and the Tribbles.

Navigating this temporal maze, Worf and Ezri strive to observe without influencing, all while avoiding past versions of themselves from DS9 “Trials and Tribble-ations.” Amidst this delicate ballet, a delightful encounter unfolds between Engineer Alandra LaForge and Scotty on Kirk’s Enterprise. Alandra devises a tech solution for the tribble infestation, using the ships computer core as a virtual transporter buffer, prompting a jest from Jack Crusher about time-crossing technology sharing. Unruffled, Alandra simply replies, “It should be OK, he invented the thing…”

Jones slips through their fingers again, and the crew gives chase, this time landing at the abandoned Starbase 12, under quarantine due to an unidentified threat. The plot takes a chilling turn as the seemingly harmless Tribbles are revealed to be precursors of the bluegill parasites from the TNG episode “Conspiracy.”

Unnerving revelations follow as they discover Starbase 12 infested with molting Tribbles, and capture Jones, who’s been hosting a Queen parasite. Despite the horror, their mission isn’t over yet.

The enigma deepens with an incoming message from the future, revealing Data, now the director of Starfleet Temporal Investigations. Via a trans-temporal hologram, Data extends an offer to Seven to join Temporal Investigations and commission the Enterprise-G as a timeship. Prior to deciding, Worf must share a paradoxical enigma with Captain Seven.

The climactic revelation unfolds in the bowels of the Enterprise-G, where Worf and Seven confront the ship’s “Catastrophic Data Recorder,” a resilient log designed to endure even a warp core breach. Worf reveals an aged duplicate unearthed from deep within Earth’s crust, dating back an astounding 66 million years. In proximity, the two devices thrum with tendrils of exotic energy. A scan confirms their similarity, save for a baffling temporal variance.

Worf delivers the shocking revelation, “At the end of Earth’s Cretaceous period, the Enterprise-G suffered a warp-core breach on the planet’s surface.” This monumental disclosure propels Star Trek into its next dramatic chapter, heralding a mystery transcending space and time. The crew, now guardians of a secret echoing through eons, teeter on the precipice of a thrilling temporal odyssey.

Star Trek: Legacy has the potential to be a daring voyage through the complex corridors of time itself, interweaving all eras of Star Trek. It could be a saga uniting past, present, and future, setting the stage for a high-stakes adventure that could decide the Federation’s fate. 


With Matalas at the helm, the possibility of interweaving complex time travel tropes such as predestination paradoxes, closed temporal loops, and parallel timelines into Star Trek: Legacy isn’t just feasible – it’s tantalizing.

As we eagerly anticipate Star Trek: Legacy, one thing is clear: in the hands of a time travel aficionado like Matalas, Star Trek’s future may well be shaped by its past – and the legacy of the future is filled with possibilities to explore.

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Set Phasers to Stream: Could a Netflix-Paramount Deal Be Star Trek’s Next Frontier?

In the dynamic landscape of the streaming industry, the hypothetical acquisition of Paramount Global by Netflix presents an intriguing prospect. Although this analysis remains speculative, such a development is not beyond the realm of possibility, given recent industry trends and strategic realignments.

Paramount Global’s recent financial difficulties could position it as an attractive acquisition target. The media powerhouse reported a stagnant revenue of US$7.27 billion in Q1 2023 compared to Q1 2022, and a substantial net loss of US$1.16 billion, marking a downturn from a profit of US$377 million in Q1 2022. Accompanied by a significant 29% drop in share prices, these factors might lower the acquisition cost for a potential buyer like Netflix.

Meanwhile, Netflix has been strategizing for profitability, maintaining a content budget of $17 billion from 2021 to 2023, which includes both original and acquired shows. However, a slowdown in content spending growth is predicted across the industry, with a projected global growth rate of 2% in 2023, down from 6% in 2022.

Given these budgetary restraints, acquiring Paramount Global, with a market cap of $10.91 billion as of June 2023, may seem daunting for Netflix. Yet, the allure of Paramount’s extensive intellectual property portfolio, including the Star Trek franchise, could shift the balance.

The acquisition of Paramount Global would be a significant coup for Netflix. Paramount’s IP, particularly Star Trek, comes with a built-in fan base and a track record of box-office success. With the addition of Paramount Pictures film vault and CBS TV library, Netflix could instantly fortify its content offerings, providing a solid base for subscriber growth and retention.

However, such a transformative acquisition does not come without its challenges. Paramount’s financial issues could hint at deeper operational problems that may pose a burden for Netflix. Moreover, the assimilation (no pun intended) of Paramount’s considerable assets, including the Paramount Pictures film vault and CBS TV library, could present logistical and strategic challenges.

Arguably, the most significant potential impact of this acquisition lies within the realm of Star Trek. The recent cancellation of ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ dealt a blow to fans. Still, under Netflix’s umbrella, this show might get a second wind. More importantly, a Netflix acquisition could lead to the realization of ‘Star Trek: Legacy’, a prospective series that currently exists only in the dreams of fans and showrunner Terry Matalas.

In conclusion, while Netflix’s potential acquisition of Paramount Global presents opportunities and challenges in equal measure, the focus for Star Trek fans worldwide is the prospective breath of new life into ‘Prodigy’ and the potential inception of ‘Legacy’. Whether Netflix opts to embark on this daring venture remains to be seen. Regardless, the potential for such a seismic shift underscores the thrilling and unpredictable nature of today’s media industry, particularly for those engaged in the timeless voyage of Star Trek.

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From Prodigy’s End to Legacy’s Hope: Fan Movement Shaping Star Trek’s Future!

In the wake of recent news, Star Trek fans find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Paramount+ has dealt a surprising blow with the announcement of the cancellation of “Star Trek: Prodigy”. Amidst the volatility of the “Streaming Wars”, this unexpected decision has cast a cloud of uncertainty over the prospects of Terry Matalas’ vision for a spin-off from Picard Season 3, “Star Trek: Legacy.”

“Star Trek: Prodigy” was heralded as the beacon to guide a new generation of fans into the vast Star Trek universe. Its cancellation sends a grim message about the shifting priorities of Paramount+. With its departure, the likelihood of “Star Trek: Legacy” being greenlit has dwindled, making it feel more like an illusion fading into the distant cosmos.

Yet, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from the annals of Star Trek history, it’s that when faced with adversity, we rally. As Captain Jean-Luc Picard once said, “Things are only impossible until they’re not.” It is time to heed the call of Terry Matalas to “be loud”, to rise in unison and ensure the spirit of Star Trek continues to blaze its trail in the universe.

Just as Bjo and John Trimble rallied fans to save Star Trek in the ’60s, we, the Star Trek community, now face our own critical mission to shape the future of the franchise. By using our collective voice, we can sway the course of this beloved universe’s destiny.

Join us in this letter-writing campaign to ensure our love and passion for Star Trek is heard. Use our letter-writing tips and templates to express your support for “Star Trek: Legacy”. Let’s reach out to Tom Ryan, CEO & President of Streaming for Paramount Global, and boldly affirm the desire for the adventures of the Enterprise-G captained by Seven of Nine.

Paramount+ has struck a blow to our beloved franchise. With our positive letters of support for “Star Trek: Legacy,” we can strike back. In the realm of Star Trek, nothing is impossible, and our adventure is far from over. Let’s ensure our message echoes across the galaxies: Make “Star Trek: Legacy” so!

The legacy of the future awaits us. With determination, imagination, and a shared love for Star Trek, we can write it together. Share this mission with others using #Letters4Legacy on social media and invite more to join us in this journey.

Address your Letters-4-Legacy to:

Mr. Tom Ryan

President & CEO: Streaming

Paramount Global

1515 Broadway

New York, NY 10036

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Support Star Trek: Legacy with Picard S3 Blu-ray Purchase

Get ready, Star Trek fans! The exhilarating final season of Star Trek: Picard is about to warp into your living room on Blu-ray. This release is not only a treat for the eyes but also a vital platform for expressing our support for the proposed Star Trek: Legacy spin-off, which promises to continue the 25th-century adventures aboard the Enterprise-G under the command of Captain Seven of Nine, a role reprised by Jeri Ryan.

Nothing speaks louder in Hollywood than sales figures. Every purchase of this Blu-ray set contributes to a growing message of support for the vision of Terry Matalas for Star Trek: Legacy. When it releases on September 5, consider grabbing your copy not just as an act of fandom, but as a declaration of your eagerness for more Star Trek storytelling in the hands of Matalas.

The third season of Picard is an all-out Star Trek reunion, featuring iconic Star Trek: The Next Generation alumni like Sir Patrick Stewart, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, and Gates McFadden. The season concludes with a heart-stopping collision of Picard’s past and future, setting the stage for the much-anticipated Star Trek: Legacy.

Apart from the thrill ride of episodes, the Blu-ray release packs in over 2 ½ hours of special features including behind-the-scenes insights, a gag reel, and deleted scenes. It’s an intimate look into the creative process behind the series, including a featurette on reconstructing the Enterprise-D.

For those seeking the complete Picard experience, Paramount is also releasing Star Trek: Picard – The Complete Series, encompassing all three seasons and over seven hours of special features. This compilation will also aid in solidifying our call for Star Trek: Legacy.

So mark your calendars for the Blu-ray release and let’s utilize this opportunity to amplify our voices in the Letters-4-Legacy mission. It’s not just about the thrill of the narrative journey; it’s about contributing to the ongoing legacy of Star Trek. As we indulge in the gripping finale of Picard, let’s also take action for the future of our beloved Star Trek universe.

Grab your copy, gather around your Blu-ray player, and prepare for an interstellar adventure that echoes through space and time. In the process, make sure to pen your letter to Tom Ryan, supporting Star Trek: Legacy. Remember, every letter counts in our mission to extend Star Trek’s horizon. Let’s boldly go where no fandom has gone before.

Please note, this article contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. This helps support our mission at Letters-4-Legacy and allows us to continue to provide you with quality content.

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Not Sci-Fi but Future History: The Production Design of Star Trek Picard creating Emmy Buzz

In the rich tapestry of television history, Star Trek stands as an iconic beacon of human potential, casting a vision of a future where exploration and unity take center stage. This year, “Star Trek: Picard Season 3” is generating significant Emmy buzz, building on the legacy of its predecessors and breaking new ground in the realm of production design.

Recently, a 110-page digital book was released, giving fans an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at the design and production of this lauded series. Far more than just a collection of production photos and concept art, this digital book is a portal into the intricate details that make Star Trek’s world so immersive and believable.

A key highlight of this digital resource is the inclusion of links to behind-the-scenes videos and virtual tours. Fans can virtually walk the bridge of the Enterprise-D, explore the enigmatic corners of Vadic’s ship the Shrike, and wander the various sets of the Titan-A. These immersive experiences serve to further blur the lines between the world of Star Trek and our own.

Production designer Dave Blass encapsulates his unique perspective of Star Trek, stating, “Star Trek isn’t a sci-fi, fantasy show. It’s a historical drama that takes place 400 years in the future, set in space.”

Blass’s words are a testament to the Star Trek ethos. This show is not just about spinning tales of far-off worlds and advanced technologies. Instead, it’s about painting a picture of a potential future – a future that its ardent fans yearn for. Every detail on screen is important and scrutinized, adding to the depth and realism of this future vision.

In this vein, the digital book serves as a testament to the meticulous care and creativity that the production team pours into every aspect of the show. It’s an invitation to appreciate the painstaking detail that goes into creating the Star Trek universe. From the aesthetic design of starships to the complex layout of alien vessels, each element is designed to make the audience feel like they’re stepping into a potential future, not just a fictional world.

In essence, the goal is not just to entertain, but to inspire. Star Trek’s vision of the future is one of hope, where humanity has moved beyond its petty differences and is reaching out to the stars. Every set, every prop, every line of dialogue is designed to make this future feel within reach, and the release of this digital book only adds to the show’s tangible sense of realism.

The fact that “Star Trek: Picard Season 3” is receiving significant Emmy attention is a testament to the dedication and craft of its production team. It also serves as a reminder of Star Trek’s enduring appeal and its unique ability to capture the imagination of its audience.

As we look ahead to the Emmy Awards and beyond, we can only hope that Star Trek continues to inspire us with its vision of the future. Because, as ardent fans already know, Star Trek is not just a TV show – it’s a blueprint for a future we could one day achieve.