#Artists4Legacy Fan Art Submission

Welcome to the #Artists4Legacy submission form! We’re thrilled to beam your fan art on board to help us forge a vibrant visual representation of the future, inspired by Terry Matalas’ concept, “Star Trek: Legacy.” Your unique artistic vision in shaping the limitless potential of 25th-century voyages, alongside Captain Seven of Nine, Commander Raffi Musiker, and Special Counselor Ensign Jack Crusher aboard the Enterprise-G, is deeply valued. As we navigate this uncharted territory, your creativity not only amplifies the enduring allure of the Star Trek universe but also fuels the collective enthusiasm of fans. It’s this collaborative energy that lends voice to Terry Matalas’ plea for us to “be loud” in our appeal to Paramount+ to bring Star Trek: Legacy to life! Remember, in this futuristic realm, “A holo-snap is equivalent to a Gigaquad of written language” – your visual stories speak volumes. The legacy of the future awaits. With our combined imagination and determination, we can shape it together.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Original Artwork: All submitted artwork must be original creations and must not replicate existing Star Trek art, copy elements created by other artists, or incorporate third-party content. Star Trek is © CBS Studios. Fan art displayed by Letters-4-Legacy.org is not endorsed by CBS/Paramount and is strictly for non-profit educational purposes. By submitting your artwork, you confirm that it is your original work.
  2. Appropriate Content: Artwork must align with the inclusive, respectful spirit of Star Trek. It should not contain any hateful, discriminatory, violent, explicit, or otherwise inappropriate content.
  3. Community Standards: Our community thrives on respect and inclusivity. Artwork should not demean any individual or group, or promote any form of discrimination or hate speech.
  4. Submission Limit: Each artist may submit up to 3 pieces per week to allow for a diverse range of voices and visions in our gallery. This limit is subject to change based on submission volume.
  5. File Format and Size: Submissions should be in high-resolution JPG or PNG format and should not exceed 10MB in size.
  6. Artwork Description: Each submission should be accompanied by a brief description (50 words maximum) describing the artwork and its connection to the Star Trek universe.

Letters-4-Legacy.org reserves the right to accept or reject any submission at our discretion. Not all submissions will be featured in the #Artists4Legacy gallery. We appreciate your understanding and your contribution to our community.

By submitting your artwork, you agree to these guidelines. Thank you for being a part of #Artists4Legacy.

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