Letters 4 Legacy is an impassioned coalition of Star Trek enthusiasts, collectively poised on the cusp of uncharted territory. Inspired by Terry Matalas’ compelling vision for Star Trek: Legacy, we aim to traverse the stars of the 25th century, firmly rooted in the spirit of the original “Save Star Trek” campaign that echoed throughout the galaxy decades ago.

While the online petition at terrytrek.com has garnered remarkable success, demonstrating the collective appetite for Star Trek: Legacy, we find ourselves at a unique crossroads. With Paramount+ currently boasting a full slate of Trek programming and tightening its budgetary constraints, our mission becomes increasingly vital. As Matalas himself advised, it’s time to “be loud.”

In this digital age, our campaign’s power lies in its nostalgic resonance, its tangible sincerity. An analog letter carries a certain magic – it’s personal, it’s heartfelt, and it’s real. Each written word is a testament to our fervor, each letter a physical embodiment of our collective voice. While digital petitions gather numerical strength swiftly, our ocean of letters is a testament to the depth of our passion, each one a unique story, a unique plea, a unique perspective.

Our mission is not just to be heard, but to make history. We aim to ignite the largest fan-driven campaign since the original “Save Star Trek” initiative, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of fan advocacy. This is our call to arms. This is our chance to shape the narrative, to help guide the Enterprise-G on its bold new voyages, to ensure that the future of Star Trek continues to inspire, to challenge, and to unite us.

Join us, fellow Trek enthusiasts, as we embark on this grand adventure. Help us be loud, help us be heard, and together, let’s make Star Trek: Legacy a reality. This is our legacy – let’s write it together.

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