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Stardate with Destiny-Join the POWER of 7 Cosmic Binge Event

In the ever-expanding universe of Star Trek, moments of franchise’s history pivot on the dedication of its fanbase. This time, it’s about the captivating “Star Trek: Picard S3” and the promising potential of a groundbreaking spin-off: Star Trek: Legacy.

The Context: Despite the effusive critical acclaim, enthusiastic fan feedback, and a significant buzz this award season, “Legacy” remains tethered to the realm of possibilities rather than concrete plans. Terry Matalas, the visionary behind Picard S3, has signaled an informal baton pass to fans, suggesting a tradition where viewers have a say in the trajectory of the series.

The Plan: On #7of9day, September 7th, starting 7pm Eastern Time (4pm Pacific, 11pm Universal Time), an ambitious “POWER of 7” watch party is slated. The aim? Provide a measurable surge in the streaming ratings of “Star Trek: Picard S3”. Such an endeavor, while nostalgic in its grassroots approach, presents a modern, data-driven case to the decision-makers at Paramount: there’s a palpable audience appetite for “Star Trek: Legacy”.

Why Engage?: For long-term aficionados and new Trekkies alike, this is an opportunity to steer the Enterprise (or in this case, the Enterprise-G with 7 of 9 at the helm) into a new narrative realm – the 25th century. While viewer engagement has always been the bedrock of Star Trek’s success, it’s rare to translate this engagement into actionable metrics the industry can’t ignore.

Star Trek: Legacy-the POWER of 7
credit: @wilwong1971/twitter

How to Participate:

  • Stream “Star Trek: Picard S3” via your preferred platform, either during the marathon on #7of9day or any time during the week starting September 3rd.
  • Spread the word. While individual viewership is crucial, the collective voice, amplified via social media and personal networks, is potent.
  • For those keen on shared experiences, there’s an official watch party chat on DISCORD, poised to be a hub of vibrant discussions and analyses.

In the often-cyclical world of entertainment, the allure of Star Trek remains steadfast. This initiative, blending old-world fan fervor with contemporary viewing habits, seeks to underscore what Trekkies have always known: Star Trek’s is more than a show, it is a future worth fighting for.


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