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Away Mission Report from Star Trek Las Vegas

Stardate: 08.03-06 2023

The Star Trek universe has witnessed many missions, adventures, and storylines, but none quite like the excitement we encountered during Creation’s 57 Year Mission at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas this year. From August 3-6, fans and 164 scheduled guests converged in a place that has long been a hotspot for all things Star Trek. Yet, this year felt particularly electrifying. Why? Three words: Star Trek: Legacy.

Throughout the convention, one name seemed to be on everyone’s lips: Terry Matalas. Matalas, known for his incredible work as showrunner of the TNG reunion that is ‘Star Trek: Picard’ season 3, graced the vendor floor, engaging with fans. This wasn’t all. On Saturday, he shared the stage with Todd Stashwick and Jonathan Frakes, diving deep into nuanced discussion. Yet, the icing on the cake had to be the TNG reunion panel he moderated on Friday evening. Special guests including Brent Spiner , Denise Crosby, Gates McFadden, John de Lancie, Jonathan Frakes , LeVar Burton, Marina Sirtis and Michael Dorn brought nostalgia and excitement to an electrified audience.

Amid all these festivities, one spot remained a consistent hive of activity: the Letters-4-Legacy table. Here, during our ‘Write the Future’ drive we collected an impressive 11 pounds of handwritten and hand-signed letters. The mission? To rally support behind the greenlighting of Matalas’ vision for Star Trek: Legacy on Paramount+.

Our efforts weren’t without findings. A casual survey we conducted suggested that a staggering 90% of Trek fans in attendance are keen to see Captain Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), Commander Raffi Musiker (Michelle Hurd), and Special Counselor Jack Crusher (Ed Speleers) embark on new adventures in the 25th century aboard the Enterprise-G.

But here’s the twist: many fans, passionate and informed as they are, were unaware that Star Trek: Legacy is still hanging in the production balance. The culmination of Picard S3—with its tantalizing tease of Seven’s command phrase and the surprise return of Q (John DeLancey) challenging humanity at the Continuum’s Supreme “Being” Court—felt like the setup to a classic Star Trek saga. The majority of fans are poised for this to continue in Star Trek: Legacy. Discovering that these adventures might remain confined to their imaginations was a shock.

Consistently, fans conveyed that they want more. The resounding sentiment? “The more Trek, the better” and “Let Terry work his magic.” Over 60,000 digital signatures on the petition, set up by The Popcast, echoes this. With the success of Picard S3, even breaking into the streaming top 10 and generating award season buzz, many assumed that Star Trek: Legacy was inevitable.

But reality isn’t so clear-cut. While shows like Strange New Worlds received backing during Paramount+’s Trek expansion phase, the network’s current slate is packed. From the imminent production of SNW’s third season to the launch of Starfleet Academy and other limited series, there’s no plan to produce Legacy.

Given the ongoing WGA & SAG-AFTRA strikes, and out of respect for the industry’s talented writers and actors, we’re keeping our discussions on the future of Legacy private. But it’s clear: if this series is to come to fruition under Matalas’ guidance, the fan community must rally. We have a unique opportunity, reminiscent of Bjo and John Trimble’s iconic “Save Star Trek” campaign, to make our voices heard. Thousands of letters sent to Paramount Global in NY could indeed make Legacy a reality.

To sustain our momentum, we urge you to raise awareness of Star Trek: Legacy. Arrange letter-writing drives in your community, partake in our “The Power of 7” Picard S3 watch party on September 7th, and brainstorm fundraising strategies to elevate our campaign.

For those looking to dive deeper into this mission, keep an eye on our Facebook and 𝕏 (Twitter) for exclusive Discord invites. We’re scouting for command officers keen on propelling Star Trek into its 25th Century frontier with Star Trek: Legacy.

The legacy of the future beckons. Will you answer its call?

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