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Welcome to “Write the Future” Drive @ Creation 57 Year Mission

We are thrilled to welcome you to the “Write the Future” drive hosted by at the RIO All Suites Hotel in Las Vegas from August 3rd to 6th, 2023. Our self-funded grassroots fan initiative was inspired by “Save Star Trek” and aims to advocate for Paramount to produce the Picard S3 spin-off series, “Star Trek: Legacy.”

Our mission is fueled by the fervor ignited by showrunner Terry Matalas, who teased the possibility of a 25th Century show exploring the Last Generation and the Next in the “Star Trek: Picard” universe. With the Enterprise-G warping from space dock, commanded by 7 of 9, in the Picard Season 3 finale, the enthusiasm among fans has soared.

Jonathan Frakes and other TNG alumni have expressed their belief in the show’s potential and the fan reaction’s significance. It is clear that “Star Trek” fans are loyal and passionate, and we are committed to making our voices heard in calling for the production of “Star Trek: Legacy.”

Our “Write the Future” drive emphasizes the power of an analog letter in our digitally dominated world. A single letter can have a profound impact, surpassing thousands of social media likes or comments. During the convention, we will provide all the materials you need to write compelling letters in support of “Star Trek: Legacy.” Visit for letter-writing tips and templates.

For those unable to attend STLV or prefer to submit typed letters, send your print-ready file to with “STLV Write the Future” in the subject line. All letters will be collected and express-mailed to Tom Ryan, President & CEO of streaming Paramount Global.

We envision expanding our reach by filing as a 501(c) to fundraise tax-free with full transparency. Our fundraising goals include reaching fans face-to-face at other conventions, purchasing ads in Hollywood trade, and billboards in LA, NY, and major cities worldwide.

To achieve this, we seek your support to “Fund the Future.” Explore our limited selection of writing-themed merchandise, including Photon Pens and our unique “Synothgraph Stationary.” All proceeds from sales will be used to further our mission.

Connect with us on Facebook @ and Twitter @ to share ideas and participate in other aspects. During the convention, we’ll post how you can get free exclusive fan art from @KenBen0bi and @wilwong1971.

Are you brimming with ideas, suggestions, or skills? We’re looking for Discord moderators, PR/Media relations, analytics experience, video editors, social media content creators, and anyone passionate about realizing Matalas’ vision for “Star Trek: Legacy.” Reach out to us at

In the words of Captain Picard, “things are impossible until they are not.” With creativity, persistence, and positivity, we have a chance to make history by helping launch the next frontier of adventure in the 25th century. The legacy of the future awaits. Let’s write it together!

RED ALERT: The First 10 STLV Attendees to participate in “Write the Future” and tell us the CODE PHRASE: “PROJECT GENESIS” receive a free STLV Exclusive Print of @KenBen0bi’s “THE LEGACY OF THE FUTURE.”

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