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Can Terry Matalas and Star Trek Fans Replicate the Success of the #SaveWarriorNun Campaign?

Star Trek fans, it’s time to take a cue from a campaign that has boldly gone where few have succeeded before. The Warrior Nun fanbase, the Halo Bearers, have achieved the incredible – the revival of their beloved show from the specter of cancellation.

“See fans? You can make a difference!” tweeted Terry Matalas, Showrunner of Star Trek: Picard, echoing the triumph of Simon Barry’s Warrior Nun. Matalas’ words serve as a call to arms, as much a testament to the power of fans as a stirring call to action for supporters of his yet-unrealized vision for a spin-off of Picard Season 3: “Star Trek: Legacy”.

Warrior Nun was canceled by Netflix in December 2022, despite a successful second season, leaving fans in shock and clamoring for more. Undeterred, the Halo Bearers rallied with resolve, channeling their passion into a potent movement. Social media rewatch parties were organized, fan art disseminated, and even billboards bought worldwide. This six-month #SaveWarriorNun campaign was a juggernaut that could not be ignored.

The campaign’s results speak for themselves: nearly 125,000 signatures on a petition, almost $50,000 raised via GoFundMe, and close to 7 million tweets under the #SaveWarriorNun hashtag. The upshot? A renewed Warrior Nun, poised to return more epic than ever, according to showrunner Barry.

While Terry Matalas has captivated fans with his concept for Star Trek: Legacy, he has also made it clear that there’s currently no active development for the project. Paramount+ already has a full slate of live-action Star Trek shows, and the recent unforeseen cancellation of Prodigy — despite its nearly completed second season — casts an air of uncertainty. The future of Star Trek: Legacy is therefore in a nebulous state, existing only as a dream within the minds of fans and its passionate advocate, Matalas. But the #SaveWarriorNun campaign shows us that dreams can become reality. As Matalas has rallied fans to #BeLoud, it becomes evident that the destiny of Star Trek: Legacy lies in the persistence and determination of its fans. A loud, unified voice has the power to navigate the uncertain cosmos of the streaming landscape and beam Star Trek: Legacy into existence.

Warrior Nun fans have set the bar for what is possible in today’s chaotic streaming landscape, where the continuation of beloved stories is far from guaranteed. Trekkies, it’s our turn to rise to this challenge, to channel our energy, and show our dedication to the Star Trek universe.

I don’t believe in a no-win scenario.

James t. kirk

The legacy of Star Trek is rooted in exploring new frontiers and possibilities. It’s time to bring that spirit of exploration, that belief in the possible, to our campaign. As Star Trek fans we live the words of Captain James T. Kirk, “I don’t believe in a no-win scenario.”

Let’s rally behind Star Trek: Legacy, harnessing the power of our collective voices. Who knows, perhaps we’ll be celebrating our own victory sooner than we imagine. Our mission awaits. We can accomplish the impossible.

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