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Support Star Trek: Legacy with Picard S3 Blu-ray Purchase

Get ready, Star Trek fans! The exhilarating final season of Star Trek: Picard is about to warp into your living room on Blu-ray. This release is not only a treat for the eyes but also a vital platform for expressing our support for the proposed Star Trek: Legacy spin-off, which promises to continue the 25th-century adventures aboard the Enterprise-G under the command of Captain Seven of Nine, a role reprised by Jeri Ryan.

Nothing speaks louder in Hollywood than sales figures. Every purchase of this Blu-ray set contributes to a growing message of support for the vision of Terry Matalas for Star Trek: Legacy. When it releases on September 5, consider grabbing your copy not just as an act of fandom, but as a declaration of your eagerness for more Star Trek storytelling in the hands of Matalas.

The third season of Picard is an all-out Star Trek reunion, featuring iconic Star Trek: The Next Generation alumni like Sir Patrick Stewart, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, and Gates McFadden. The season concludes with a heart-stopping collision of Picard’s past and future, setting the stage for the much-anticipated Star Trek: Legacy.

Apart from the thrill ride of episodes, the Blu-ray release packs in over 2 ½ hours of special features including behind-the-scenes insights, a gag reel, and deleted scenes. It’s an intimate look into the creative process behind the series, including a featurette on reconstructing the Enterprise-D.

For those seeking the complete Picard experience, Paramount is also releasing Star Trek: Picard – The Complete Series, encompassing all three seasons and over seven hours of special features. This compilation will also aid in solidifying our call for Star Trek: Legacy.

So mark your calendars for the Blu-ray release and let’s utilize this opportunity to amplify our voices in the Letters-4-Legacy mission. It’s not just about the thrill of the narrative journey; it’s about contributing to the ongoing legacy of Star Trek. As we indulge in the gripping finale of Picard, let’s also take action for the future of our beloved Star Trek universe.

Grab your copy, gather around your Blu-ray player, and prepare for an interstellar adventure that echoes through space and time. In the process, make sure to pen your letter to Tom Ryan, supporting Star Trek: Legacy. Remember, every letter counts in our mission to extend Star Trek’s horizon. Let’s boldly go where no fandom has gone before.

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