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Trekkies Unite: Harnessing the Power of Fandom to Launch Star Trek: Legacy

As Star Trek: Strange New Worlds gears up for its Season 2 premiere, an enlightening conversation took place between CinemaBlend and the show’s co-creator, Akiva Goldsman. The discussion centered on a potential Star Trek: Picard spin-off, “Star Trek: Legacy,” which would continue the journey of Captain Seven of Nine and the crew of the Enterprise-G, as teased in the Picard series finale. Goldsman’s response, while hopeful, was somewhat guarded. He lauded the “extraordinary” work of showrunner Terry Matalas on Picard’s third season, acknowledging an “undeniable” fan appetite for more Trek stories helmed by Matalas. Yet, his assertion of support was surprisingly soft-spoken: “I signed the petition.” Considering Goldsman’s considerable influence as executive producer on three Star Trek series—Discovery, Picard, and Strange New Worlds—fans could rightfully hope for a more concrete endorsement.

Well, I think what Terry did with Season 3 is so extraordinary, and I think that the appetite for it is, I think, undeniable. So certainly, I am a huge advocate of some version of that continuing. It was so spectacular, I think, what he did. And so, you know, right now, there’s no pitching of anything. Right now the world is uh shut down [due to writer’s strike]. But, you know, I would really hope– let me put it like this: I signed the petition [for Star Trek: Legacy] too.

Akiva Goldsman via: cinemablend

It’s now the moment for Star Trek fans to unite, magnify our collective voice, and let our passion shine. Besides Matalas, those in charge seem reluctant to throw their full support behind Star Trek: Legacy, perhaps due to the already packed Star Trek production schedule. However, we, the Star Trek fandom, have shown our formidable power in the past, coming together to fight for the narratives and characters we cherish. The legacy of Star Trek is not solely in the hands of the writers, producers, and executives—it belongs to us, the fans as well.

Matalas himself has rallied fans to “be loud.” Let’s answer that call, with voices that resound louder and stronger than ever before. The Letters-4-Legacy campaign provides fans a platform for this collective expression. If you haven’t yet penned your letter to Tom Ryan, CEO and President of Streaming at Paramount Global, there is no better time than now. Our aim extends beyond being heard—we strive to be a force that cannot be ignored.

We’re not just setting out to support a new Star Trek series; we’re initiating a movement to solidify the largest modern letter-writing campaign. Picture a future where we can look back with pride, knowing we propelled Star Trek: Legacy into existence. It’s about championing the enduring spirit of Star Trek, embodying exploration, unity, and humanity. To quote Captain Picard, “Things are only impossible until they’re not.”

Trekkies, it’s time to band together, amplify our voices, and embark on this next step of our Star Trek journey. The legacy of the future awaits, and with persistence and imagination, we can shape its course.

Address your Letters-4-Legacy to:

Mr. Tom Ryan

President & CEO: Streaming

Paramount Global

1515 Broadway

New York, NY 10036

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