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Seven’s Secret: The Mystery Catchphrase Waiting to be Unveiled in “Star Trek: Legacy”

In the intriguing final moments of Star Trek: Picard Season 3, a tantalizing question was left unanswered, sparking a whirlwind of speculation among ardent Trek fans. As reported by, we saw Seven of Nine, portrayed by Jeri Ryan, standing on the brink of making history, issuing her first command, aboard the newly christened Enterprise-G getting underway for her shakedown cruise. The scene was a masterclass in suspense. As  Seven took her place as the newly promoted captain of the Enterprise-G, her first officer, Rafi Musiker, underlined the gravity of the moment, stating, “On your command captain. Engage? Make it so? Take her out? There’s a long history of this. Your first official act of command.” The anticipation was further heightened by Seven’s newly appointed Special Counselor, Ensign Jack Crusher, who said, “Writing the opening line to your legacy. So then, what’ll it be?” As the camera dollied towards Seven’s face, and as she took a breath, we were abruptly cut away to the Enterprise-G warping away, leaving the audience yearning to know Captain Seven’s command catchphrase.

In the Star Trek universe, each captain’s catchphrase is emblematic of their character. From Captain Kirk’s “Warp speed, Mr. Sulu” to Captain Picard’s “Engage” and “Make it so,” and Captain Pike’s “Hit it,” these phrases have commanded not just starships but our collective imagination. So, what could Seven’s catchphrase be?

Her mentorship under Captain Janeway might suggest an authoritative “Engage.” But her unique history as a Borg might inspire a catchphrase like “Execute.” We’d love to hear your thoughts! Participate in our poll and let’s speculate together on what Seven’s command phrase could be.

The truth of Seven’s catchphrase lies in the yet-unapproved spin-off “Star Trek: Legacy.” Terry Matalas, the showrunner, deliberately left Seven’s catchphrase as an enigma, encouraging fans to “be loud” in their demand for the spin-off.

So, what can we do to ensure the legacy of Seven continues? We urge all Star Trek fans to rally with the Letters-4-Legacy campaign. Let’s let Paramount+ know we want to hear Seven’s command catchphrase and see the journey of the Enterprise-G under her command. We’ve been left in suspense, and now it’s time to engage and make Legacy so!

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