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Trek Fans Hungry for More: Picard Season 3 Ratings Soar with Terry Matalas at the Helm

The third and final season of “Star Trek: Picard” has proven to be a resounding success, both in terms of viewership and critical acclaim, leaving fans eager for more adventures in the Star Trek universe. This successful chapter in the long-running franchise was a masterful blend of nostalgia, new adventures, and a star-studded cast that managed to engage a broad spectrum of viewers, from die-hard Trekkies to a new generation of fans. Let’s delve into what made this season such a hit and why fans are clamoring for more Star Trek stories from showrunner Terry Matalas.

Ratings Gold: Paramount Strikes a Sweet Spot

In today’s highly competitive streaming landscape, attracting viewers is no small feat. However, “Star Trek: Picard” Season 3 not only stood tall amidst the competition, but it also claimed the status of the most successful “Star Trek” show streaming today, according to viewership data from Samba TV, recently reported by Yahoo! Entertainment.

The Season 3 premiere performed exceptionally well, surpassing the Season 4 premiere of “Star Trek: Discovery” by more than 40%. What’s even more impressive is that the show’s momentum built with each episode, proving that it was more than just a nostalgic trip for long-time Star Trek fans. By the series finale, the initial four-day viewership had increased by 51% compared to the premiere, a rare level of audience engagement that speaks volumes about the quality of the content and the enduring appeal of the Star Trek universe.

Casting Magic: Old Favorites Meet New Legends

A significant factor contributing to the success of “Star Trek: Picard” Season 3 was the return of familiar fan-favorite characters. The star-studded cast included Patrick Stewart reprising his iconic role as Jean-Luc Picard, along with the entire main cast from the beloved “Star Trek: The Next Generation” series. This reunion delighted long-time fans who had followed the TNG crew’s adventures through seven seasons and four movies.

Picard Season 3 Showrunner Terry Matalas (Top-Center) with TNG Cast

The decision to include Jeri Ryan’s character, Seven of Nine, in Season 3 not only catered to the character’s enduring popularity with fans but also upheld Star Trek’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Continuing to explore the complexities of Seven’s relationship with Michell Hurd’s character, Raffaela Musiker,  added a layer of relatability and emotional depth to the season.

Introducing new faces, such as English actor Ed Speleers, as Jack Crusher, and Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut, as Sidney La Forge, added variety and freshness to the Star Trek universe, paving the way for future stories. These newcomers not only contributed to the success of Season 3, but they also set the stage for the next chapters in the Star Trek saga.

The result was a delightful blend of old and new, which resonated strongly with viewers and critics alike, leading to a Certified Fresh Rotten Tomatoes critic score of 98% and an audience score of 90%.

Connecting with a New Generation of Fans

The significance of engaging the Gen Z demographic in the competitive streaming world is paramount. This group, known for its cultural influence and increasing purchasing power, is essential for streaming platforms like Paramount+ to sustain and thrive. While nostalgia may attract long-time fans, resonating with younger viewers seeking unique and meaningful content is the challenge. “Star Trek: Picard” Season 3 rose to this challenge, impressively connecting with Gen Z viewers despite its TNG crew originating from the late 1980s, predating the birth of the Gen Z audience.

Future Prospects: Fans Clamoring for More

Despite the success of Season 3, it was the final season of the series. However, Patrick Stewart and the entire cast have expressed their willingness to revisit their characters as part of a larger TNG-era legacy project. In mid-March, Matalas mused on Twitter, “In case you’re wondering, #StarTrekLegacy is what I’d call a spin-off show from #StarTrekPicard. A 25th Century show that explores the Last Generation and the Next…” This news has sparked excitement among fans, with tens of thousands signing a petition urging Paramount to continue the adventures started by “Picard” Season 3.



The triumphant third season of “Star Trek: Picard”, under the deft guidance of showrunner Terry Matalas, underscores the enduring appeal of Star Trek’s TNG era. By marrying the nostalgia of The Next Generation era with novel narratives, an ensemble cast featuring both returning fan-favorites and fresh faces, the series expertly resonated with audiences of all ages. The season’s success, backed by exceptional ratings and critical acclaim, presents a compelling case for Paramount to continue exploring Matalas’ vision for Trek further. With key cast members eager to return, coupled with the passionate support of the fanbase, speculation is mounting about a potential new Star Trek series from Paramount+. Such a move could prove a significant game-changer in today’s competitive streaming landscape. And with the boundless potential of the Star Trek universe awaiting, it’s clear that fans are eager to set course for more voyages into the 25th century.

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