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Boldly Going: Seven & Raffi’s Pioneering Legacy in Star Trek

Star Trek Picard season three featured an incredible cast of legacy characters played by legendary actors. The series was also filled with a great cast of women showcasing their strength and range which has not always been the case in Star Trek. What made Picard even more unique was the eloquently crafted story that ultimately established two female characters to lead the next iteration of Trek – Seven and Raffi.

What we experience with Seven and Raffi during season three of Star Trek Picard is two women who learn quickly to unapologetically rely on their strengths and instincts. Seven begins to lead and make decisions that aren’t always in compliance with her Captain but are imperative to getting answers and protecting her crew. Raffi begins to lean into following a path she knows is right despite orders from Star Fleet. She lets her inner warrior begin to shine which not only strengthens her personal resolve but also benefits her mission and saves lives.

The gift of Star Trek Picard really comes together when Seven and Raffi are partnered aboard the Titan. We are given two characters who are smart, creative and strong who will stop at nothing to save the day despite the odds. These are the characteristics of every classic Star Trek team – Kirk & Spock, Picard & Riker, Janeway & Chakotay, Sisko & Kira…the list goes on and on. Each of these partnerships set new precedents in the Star Trek universe. When we are presented with Captain Seven and Commander Raffi Musiker in the finale of Star Trek Picard we are given the next classic partnership to lead the next version of Trek – Star Trek Legacy.

Star Trek Legacy will give us many firsts, but the significance of two canonically queer women leading the Enterprise G marks a departure for a Trek series. Captain Seven and Commander Raffi Musiker will be able to deliver stories that continue to reflect our ever-changing culture and relationships. If Star Trek were ever going to embody the ideal of “infinite diversity in infinite combinations” then it would be with Seven and Raffi aboard the Enterprise G during Star Trek Legacy.

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  1. Wonderful article, the significance of two canonically queer women commanding the Enterprise cannot be overstated!!

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