Fan Ignites Hype for Star Trek: Legacy with Stunning Character Posters!

Once again, the masterful Star Trek: Legacy fan-art creator, Willy Wong, has dazzled us with his creativity. His latest offering is a striking set of character teaser posters for a hypothetical first season of Star Trek: Legacy. These posters, almost indistinguishable from official art, create a tantalizing picture of the potential that lies within Terry Matalas’ vision for the 25th century of Star Trek.

The stark black backgrounds of Wong’s posters imply the vast, uncharted expanse that is the canvas of Star Trek: Legacy, waiting to be filled with thrilling new stories. Within each poster, the universally recognized Delta Shield of Star Trek shrouds a member of the Enterprise-G crew, offering just a peek of the individuals who will take us on fresh adventures in the Star Trek universe.


Wong’s imaginative renditions feature familiar faces from Season 3 of Picard – Captain Seven, Commander Musiker, Special Counselor Ensign Jack Crusher, Helmsman La Forge, Tactical Officer Mura, and Communications Officer Esmar. This blend of known characters that were on board for the Enterprise-G’s maiden voyage in the Picard series finale are joined by tantalizing new crew members imagined by Wong.

Intriguingly, Wong teases the possibility of a significant role for Admiral Janeway in Star Trek: Legacy’s first season. The mystery deepens with the inclusion of what appears to be a youthful Captain Shaw, who tragically sacrificed his life in defense of the Titan-A against Borg assimilation. Despite his character’s demise, Terry Matalas has hinted at the possibility of his return – a twist that Wong deftly suggests in his artwork.

Adding to the intrigue, Wong features a character that resembles Lieutenant T’veen, amplifying the anticipation and wonder. This nod to actress and cancer long-hauler, Stephanie Czajkowski, expresses Wong’s support for her return to the franchise. Her Vulcan Science Officer character met a brutal end at the hands of Amanda Plummer’s Vadic, and her possible reprise adds an extra layer of excitement to Wong’s posters.

With each stroke of his digital brush, Wong brings us closer to the next frontiers of Star Trek: Legacy. His artwork not only stirs the imagination but also fuels the #Artists4Legacy campaign, reminding us of the incredible potential of Terry Matalas’ vision, and the vibrant future of Star Trek that awaits us in the 25th century.

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