The Legacy of the Future Awaits: Unveiling Our First #Artists4Legacy Collaboration

We are thrilled to announce our first #Artists4Legacy collaboration! Talented artist Casey James (@KenBen0bi/twitter), celebrated for his captivating Bob Peak-inspired Star Trek: Legacy fan-poster, has partnered with Letters 4 Legacy to create our inaugural mission poster, titled “Legacy of the Future”.

In this minimalist-style masterpiece, a solitary black background evokes the endless cosmos, with an embossed starfield lending depth and cosmic ambiance. The Delta Shield, Star Trek’s iconic symbol, adorns the center, paying a subtle yet powerful homage to the franchise.

Letters 4 Legacy: The Legacy of the Future Awaits. Official poster by @KenBen0bi/twitter.
credit: @KenBen0bi/twitter

The Enterprise-G, depicted in top-down perspective, is the focal point of the design. Its stern emits streaks of vibrant colors, curving toward the viewer to spell out “LETTERS 4 LEGACY”, creating a visual statement of movement and depth.

Along one border, a vertical lineup of Enterprise iterations, from A to G, is finely outlined, each labeled with their unique NCC-1701 designation. These “letters” form the pillars of Star Trek’s legacy and inspire our mission.

Our tagline, “THE LEGACY OF THE FUTURE AWAITS…”, hangs poised at the top, generating a sense of anticipation and adventure. This poster, though minimalist, is teeming with symbolism and franchise references, engaging both long-standing fans and those new to Star Trek.

A high-resolution image file, perfect for printing, is available for download here.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all #Artists4Legacy who are amplifying Terry Matalas’ Star Trek: Legacy vision with their creativity. Remember, “A holo-snap is equivalent to a Gigaquad of written language”. Though, we still need someone to clarify “What the hell is a Gigaquad?”

Join us in our mission, be part of the legacy. Become a member of our Facebook community at facebook.com/groups/letters4legacy. Spread the word using hashtags #Artists4Legacy, #Letters4Legacy, #StarTrekLegacy. Submit your fan-art for display in the #Artists4Legacy gallery to contact@letters-4-legacy.org.