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How One Star Trek Fan is Using Art to Fight for Writers

As we stand amidst a pivotal moment in Hollywood, with the Writers Guild of America (WGA) engaged in their third week of a historically impactful strike, it’s worth taking a pause. It’s time to step back from the headlines and the picket lines to truly appreciate and understand the intrinsic value that the writing community brings to our beloved narratives and the entertainment industry as a whole. In this moment, we are reminded of the paramount importance of writers in shaping the tapestry of stories that captivate us, move us, and allow us to momentarily escape into realms of the fantastical and the extraordinary.

Willy Wong, one of our remarkable #Artists4Legacy members, understands this importance deeply. With his social media handle of @wilwong1971 on Twitter, he is an artist who consistently impresses with his ability to imbue meaning and purpose into every piece of artwork. In a display of solidarity with the WGA strike, Wong has created a visually compelling piece titled “STRIKE.”

credit: @wilwong1971/twitter Kur’leth available @

This artwork is more than just a statement; it’s a testament to the power of creativity and the role that writers play in the very fabric of the entertainment industry. The image, reminiscent of a classic pulp novel cover, features a futuristic pen dramatically shattering the formidable Klingon Kur’Leth. The juxtaposition of these symbols is not just visually stunning, but laden with significance. The Kur’Leth, a powerful weapon within the Star Trek universe, is rendered powerless when confronted with the pen – a nod to the age-old adage that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

The symbolism in this artwork underlines the importance of the written word and the creative minds behind it. As Wong boldly states in support of the WGA, “Without great writers, Worf would not have the mighty Kur’Leth.” The message here is potent and direct – every moment of tension, every clever catchphrase, every dramatic exchange, every epic battle in our favorite shows and movies starts with a writer putting those ideas on paper. Without the writer, Hollywood screeches to a halt.

The strike of the WGA is more than just a call for fair treatment and adequate compensation. It’s a reminder to the industry and audiences alike that the writers are the unsung heroes behind the magic we see on the screen. The actors, directors, producers, even the brilliant visual artists like Dan Curry (known for his notable contributions to the Star Trek universe, including the design of the iconic Bat’Leth) – none of them can do their work without the foundational contributions of the writers.

Willy Wong’s artwork is a rallying cry, a statement of solidarity, and a testament to the profound respect we, as members of Letters 4 Legacy, hold for the creative minds of the WGA. We understand that their stories are the bedrock upon which the Star Trek universe is built, and we acknowledge the invaluable role they play in keeping the legacy alive.

Observant Trekkies might have noticed something familiar about the futuristic pen featured in Willy Wong’s “STRIKE” artwork. Can you identify the episode from which the pen originates? We encourage all fans to put on their thinking caps, delve into the Star Trek archives, and send your answers to @wilwong1971 on Twitter or leave your guess in the comments below.

We stand with the WGA, recognizing their irreplaceable contributions to the narratives we love. We believe in their cause, and we extend our support to them during this strike. After all, “The Legacy of the Future Awaits…”, and we at Letters 4 Legacy stand firmly with the creative minds who continue to weave this legacy. We urge you to join us in showing your support for the WGA, not just for the present, but for the future of storytelling.

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