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Will Star Trek: Legacy Resurrect Kirk?

Recently, an intriguing Slashfilm article titled “Captain Kirk’s Body In Star Trek: Picard Could Be More Than Just An Easter Egg” has stirred up a bit of a buzz in the Star Trek community. In this post, we’ll dive deeper into some of the questions and theories that have arisen from this discovery.

As many fans will remember, the death of Captain Kirk in “Star Trek: Generations” left a bitter taste. The legendary captain, famously said to have made “death a fighting chance to live,” met his end not in a blaze of glory, but by falling off a damaged bridge. Picard Season 3 showrunner Terry Matalas echoed this sentiment in an interview with, expressing his disappointment with Kirk’s demise.

However, in the sixth episode of “Star Trek: Picard,” “The Bounty,” the discovery of Kirk’s body in the secure Daystrom Station, a Starfleet Intelligence black site, has sparked speculation. Why would the body of one of Starfleet’s greatest heroes be stored away in a top-secret warehouse rather than receiving a formal burial at the Federation’s equivalent of Arlington Cemetery? Could this have something to do with the mysterious “Project Phoenix”?

This discovery also raises questions about Kirk’s relationship with the Nexus – a spatial ribbon that transects time and space. Was his body being kept for secret research into this phenomenon? Could this be a foreshadowing of Kirk’s potential return?

A recent video from the Roddenberry Archive adds weight to the speculation. In the video, we see the decontamination of Veridian III in the aftermath of the events of “Star Trek: Generations,” as part of the enforcement of the Prime Directive. During this process, Spock visits Kirk’s makeshift grave, presumably, just before the removal of his body for storage and study at Daystrom Station.

If Kirk were to return in “Star Trek: Legacy,” who should play the iconic character? Should William Shatner, the original Kirk, reprise the role, or should Paul Wesley, who recently portrayed a young Kirk in “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds,” step into the captain’s boots?

All these exciting questions will remain unanswered if fans do not make their voices heard. If you want to see “Star Trek: Legacy” on your screens, let Paramount+ know about your strong desire. You can write heartfelt letters to Tom Ryan, the President & CEO of Streaming at Paramount Global, expressing your enthusiasm for the potential series.

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You can also join the Facebook group and use the hashtags #letters4legacy and #startreklegacy to spread the word on social media. Remember, in the Star Trek universe, anything is possible – including the resurrection of Captain James T. Kirk.


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