The Legacy We Could Lose
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The Legacy We Could Lose: Unite to Protect the Future of Star Trek!

In the constantly evolving landscape of television production and fandom, the concept of “Star Trek: Legacy” has emerged, stirring a sense of anticipation among Trek fans worldwide. It’s a potential series that carries on the adventures in the 25th century with a new crew of the Enterprise_G, while also revisiting beloved characters from The Next Generation (TNG), Deep Space Nine (DS9), and Voyager (VOY). Here at Letters4Legacy (L4L), we’ve embarked on a mission to champion this show and ensure it materializes. We are rallying all Star Trek fans to join us in the most extensive letter-writing campaign in modern history, striving to be the first fan letter-writing movement to convince a studio to greenlight a new TV series.

Despite fans’ voices growing louder and their reach wider, we must recognize the heartbreak and loss that often accompanies fan campaigns to save TV shows. Even with the legendary “Save Star Trek” campaign as a beacon of hope, many fan movements don’t achieve the success they seek. Consider “Firefly,” a series that, despite inspiring a passionate fan base, was canceled after just one season. Even though the fans campaigned fervently, the show wasn’t resurrected for television; however, their passion did lead to a follow-up film, “Serenity.”

Similarly, HBO’s “Deadwood” found its conclusion in a feature film more than a decade after the series concluded, demonstrating that even fan favorites might not always materialize in the ways fans hope. Recent campaigns for Netflix’s “Santa Clarita Diet” and “The OA” amassed considerable support on, with nearly 250,000 and over 100,000 signatures respectively. Despite this significant support, both shows are yet to see a renewal, underlining the harsh realities of the entertainment industry.

Today, as we stand at this pivotal juncture for “Star Trek: Legacy,” we recognize the importance of amplifying our voices and taking proactive measures. Terry Matalas, the potential showrunner for “Star Trek: Legacy,” has urged fans to “be loud.” If we do not heed this call, we risk “Star Trek: Legacy” being transformed into a streaming movie event or a limited series rather than the full-blown series we hope for. This echoes the fate of Michelle Yeoh-led “Section 31,” which was restructured under Paramount+’s new content development budget.

Paramount+’s shift towards event films and limited series could push “Star Trek: Legacy” onto the backburner, potentially delaying its development by several years. This delay could impact the availability of key talents like Ed Speleers and Jeri Ryan or even lead Terry Matalas, whose reputation has surged after “Picard” Season 3’s success, to other opportunities.
The successful fan campaign for “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” is a shining example of what fans can accomplish, but it’s important to remember that executive producer Akiva Goldsman was already advocating for the show before “Discovery” Season 2 aired. We, as fans, must be more than passive spectators. We need to become champions ourselves.

With this urgency in mind, we’re calling on all Star Trek fans to join us in this unprecedented campaign. The future of “Star Trek: Legacy” and the broader Star Trek universe is in our hands. We must boldly go where no fandom has gone before, transforming our hopes into tangible action. The time for action is now, and our collective voice can indeed make a difference. Let’s live long, prosper, and fight for the future we desire to see unfold on our screens.”


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