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Stellar Milestone: 50k Signatures & Counting!

Greetings, fellow voyagers of the Star Trek universe! It’s time to raise our Romulan Ale in toast as we’ve got some thrilling news from the final frontier. The “We Want A Star Trek Legacy” petition, initiated by the intrepid fans at “The Popcast,” has just crossed the stellar threshold of 50,000 signatures!

This significant achievement stands as a monumental testament to the united power and relentless passion of Star Trek fans scattered across the cosmos. It’s a tangible reminder that our collective yearning for more adventures in the 25th century, helmed by the visionary Terry Matalas, is resonating far and wide.

We beam with pride as we extend our sincere and hearty congratulations to the “Popcast” team. Your dedicated efforts have ignited the beacon of hope for the future of Star Trek, guiding us all towards the promise of a thrilling odyssey into the 25th-century – the Star Trek: Legacy.

Even as we celebrate, let us remember that our mission continues at warp speed. To keep the momentum building, we present our action plan:

Maintain Course: Keep streaming Picard Season 3 on Paramount+. Every view counts!

Sign the Petition: If you haven’t already, add your signature to the Star Trek Legacy petition at Every signature makes a difference.

Pen Your Support: Craft and send your personal Letters 4 Legacy to Tom Ryan at Paramount Global, expressing your fervent desire for Star Trek: Legacy.

Stay Engaged: Keep your comm channels open for upcoming community and media engagement opportunities.

To further bolster the mission and propel us toward the next phase, we are adding a direct link to the petition on our homepage. This is our united call to action – we urge all crew members to sign the petition and bolster our friends at “Popcast” in reaching the next cosmic milestones – 75,000…100,000 signatures…why not? After all, as our esteemed Captain Jean-Luc Picard often reminds us, “Things are only impossible until they’re not.”

Let’s unite in our shared passion, continue to fuel this incredible movement, and make the Star Trek: Legacy a reality. Set course for our shared future, warp speed – Engage!

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