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Fan’s Imaginative Artwork Breathes New Life into Star Trek: Legacy’s Captain Shaw in 007 Style Adventure

Star Trek: Picard’s proposed continuation, Star Trek: Legacy, may not yet be officially greenlit, but that doesn’t stop avid fans from painting exciting possibilities for its future. One such vivid portrayal comes from fan and Letters 4 Legacy crewmember, Willy Wong, whose brilliant artwork was recently showcased in a article. Wong’s illustration combines the universes of Star Trek and James Bond, imagining the crew of the USS Enterprise-G embarking on an exhilarating holodeck spy adventure.

The masterful fan art features Captain Seven of Nine, Commander Raffi Musiker, and Ensign Jack Crusher in the thrilling realm of 007. The twist in the tale is the appearance of Captain Liam Shaw, portrayed as the iconic antagonist, “Dr. No”. The choice is poignantly symbolic, given Shaw’s unforgettable moment of defiance in the Star Trek: Picard Season 3 premiere, which quickly became a meme in the Star Trek community.

This imaginative rendering of a Bond-inspired holodeck program not only provides thrilling entertainment but also offers a potential narrative solution to reintroduce fan-favorite Todd Stashwick’s character, Captain Shaw. Despite his apparent demise, Shaw’s character could be brought back to life via holodeck programs. Haunted by survivor’s guilt and possibly imposter syndrome, Shaw, one of the ten survivors of the USS Constance’s destruction at the Battle of Wolf 359, might have used the holodeck as a therapeutic tool. Being an engineer, he could have programmed a holo-doppelganger to live out various fantasy scenarios, from spy adventures and wild west exploits to medieval quests, each centered around a key dilemma related to survivor’s guilt. This would offer Shaw a way to project his trauma onto a safe environment while providing an intriguing narrative for the Enterprise-G crew to stumble upon.

Wong’s artwork is a testament to the creativity and passion within the Star Trek community, with the #Artists4Legacy initiative helping to keep the demand for these 25th century adventures envisioned by Terry Matalas alive and growing. For those of us not artistically inclined, we can still add our voices to the call for Star Trek: Legacy by writing our #Letters4Legacy.

We invite all artists to submit their works to be featured in the #Artist4Legacy gallery at Please email your submissions to Spread the word about our mission on Facebook at and remember to use the hashtags #letters4legacy, #artists4legacy, and #startreklegacy when sharing your passion for Star Trek: Legacy. Our collective voice can help ensure that these fascinating adventures find their way from our imaginations onto our screens.

credit: @wilwong1971/twitter

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