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The Writers’ Strike and the Future of Star Trek: Your Role in the Legacy

Greetings, Star Trek fans and supporters of Letters 4 Legacy. We are living in extraordinary times. As many of you know, a recent article on has shed light on the ongoing Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike, an event that could have profound implications for the future of our beloved Star Trek Universe.

First and foremost, it’s essential to affirm that we wholeheartedly support the creative minds that breathe life into Star Trek. These talented writers have been instrumental in crafting the stories that have inspired us, moved us, and stoked the flames of our collective imagination for decades. Their fight for better conditions and compensation is not only important, but necessary.

However, it’s crucial to understand that our Letters 4 Legacy campaign exists independently of these current events. Our mission — to convince Paramount+ executives to greenlight Star Trek: Legacy — is a distinct but parallel path. If we’re successful, we will indeed be supporting the WGA indirectly, by helping to create a new project that will employ writers to chart the course of the Enterprise-G in the 25th century.

The strike has thrown a temporal anomaly into the mix: new project meetings are currently off the table. This could mean a pause in any potential discussions between Picard showrunner Terry Matalas and Paramount about the proposed “Star Trek: Legacy” spin-off. This reality only underscores the urgency and importance of our campaign.

So, what does this mean for us, the fans and supporters of Letters 4 Legacy? It means we need to double down on our efforts. It means we need to continue writing letters, sharing our mission, and rallying the collective voice of Star Trek fans worldwide.

In your letters, remember to focus on your passion for Star Trek: Legacy. Share your personal connections, your hopes, and your dreams for this potential series. While we respect and support the WGA strike, discussing it in our letters might divert attention from our primary mission.

Spread the word about Letters 4 Legacy to fellow Star Trek fans. Invite them to join our Facebook group at Encourage them to participate in our vibrant community of Star Trek enthusiasts dedicated to this cause. With your help, we can create a wave of support that can’t be ignored.

Use the hashtags #Letters4Legacy on social media to make our voices heard. Let’s continue to champion the ideals and values that make Star Trek such an iconic and enduring franchise.

Remember, the future of Star Trek: Legacy is in our hands. Let’s take the captain’s chair and steer our beloved franchise towards new frontiers. Let’s make sure the legacy of Star Trek continues to inspire for generations to come.

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