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Boldly Go: Letters 4 Legacy and the Future of Star Trek

Greetings, Star Trek fans! In the tradition of the groundbreaking original “Save Star Trek” campaign of the 1960s, we are proud to announce a new mission, one that aims to pay homage to the legacy of our beloved franchise and ensure its bright future – Letters 4 Legacy.

Letters 4 Legacy is a grassroots campaign with a vision as expansive as space itself. Our objective? To bring the thrilling concept of Star Trek: Legacy, as skillfully crafted by Terry Matalas, from the realm of possibility into reality. As fans, we understand the power we hold in shaping the future of the Star Trek universe, and it’s time we use that power to unite in a collective call to action.

But why letters, you might ask? In our digital age, the power of a personal letter can sometimes be overlooked. However, the resonance of a letter, with its ability to convey passion, dedication, and individuality, is unparalleled. It was this very power that saved Star Trek more than five decades ago, and it’s this power we hope to harness once again.

The mission of Letters 4 Legacy is straightforward yet profound: we encourage all Star Trek fans to express their enthusiasm for the potential new voyages of the Enterprise-G by sending personal, creative, and heartfelt letters to Paramount Global. These letters can take any form, as long as they showcase your unique voice and passion for Star Trek: Legacy. It could be a personal story about how Star Trek has influenced your life, a poem capturing the spirit of exploration and unity, a succinct note of support, or even a sketch illustrating the adventures you hope to see. Remember, in the vastness of the Trek universe, your individual voice matters and can make a real difference!

In the coming weeks, we will provide updates, tips, and guidance to assist you in your letter-writing endeavors. We will share articles on effective letter writing, and we will explore ways to get involved with hosting letter-writing parties, creating a sense of community while we navigate this exciting mission. Together, we can shape the future of our beloved franchise and chart a course towards new frontiers.

Our collective voice will be directed to Tom Ryan, President & CEO: Streaming at Paramount Global. An accomplished executive with a rich background in digital media and streaming services, Ryan co-founded and served as the CEO of Pluto TV, an ad-supported streaming service, before joining Paramount Global. As a leader in the streaming industry, he is well-positioned to understand the potential of Star Trek: Legacy.

To send your letter to Tom Ryan, please follow this addressing format:

Mr. Tom Ryan

President & CEO: Streaming

Paramount Global

1515 Broadway

New York, NY 10036

In the spirit of the Star Trek ethos, our mission is one of unity and collective action. We believe in the power of Star Trek fans across the galaxy to rally together for this bold endeavor. Let’s engage warp drive, unite our voices, and work together to make Star Trek: Legacy a reality.

The future of Star Trek depends on us. Let’s seize this opportunity to influence its course. As Captain Jean-Luc Picard once said, “Things are only impossible until they’re not.”

Engage, Star Trek fans. Let’s make Star Trek: Legacy possible.

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