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Star Trek: Legacy promises to take viewers on exciting new adventures in the 25th century while exploring the evolution of beloved legacy characters from TNG, Voyager, and DS9.

Imagine a storyline that pushes the comedic boundaries while delving into the lives of classic characters like Janeway and Tuvok.

Picture Janeway and Tuvok embarking on a diplomatic mission to the Delta Quadrant aboard the Enterprise-G on an extended shakedown run of its refit HYPERWARP PULSE DRIVE. While taking some well-deserved R&R, on Planet HARMONIS VI, at what they believe is a spa, a comical cultural misunderstanding occurs. The aliens universal translater misinterprets  Janeway and Tuvok’s intentions when they request a Zumba Class, fusing them together into two unique beings – “Janok” and “Tuvway” – according to their “Zunga” mating ritual.

The comedic action is driven by the friction between Janok and Tuvway. Janok detests their existence and would “rather spend eternity in the malfunctioning pattern buffer in the service transporter of a Paklid waste processing freighter than spend another fempti second as Janok.” In contrast, Tuvway is living in “a biological optimal plane of maximal joy and elevated productivity.”

Tuvway, having been honored as this system’s foremost Aerial Hydro Micturation Engineer, attempts to help Janok appreciate the possibilities of their new lives. “What the hell is Aerial Hydro Micturation Engineering?” Janok snipes back. “Apparently, evacuation of the bladder in an upright posture is considered an art form on this world.” “Oh, die fast and fail,” Tuvway barks. In a never before seen Vulcan “foul” gesture, they just up their hand, thumb to the side, middle finger and pinky extended.

In a twist of fate, Janeway faces a moral dilemma. According to the alien culture’s “Yanza” loophole, Janok and Tuvway can only be separated if the process results in “equal or greater uniqueness.” The aliens, having searched Janeway’s personal records, suggest that Tuvok must be combined with Neelix to revive the unique being, Tuvix. Janeway, desperate to separate from Janok, must confront her past and weigh the consequences of her decision.

What do you think your favorite Voyager or DS9 characters are up to in the 25th century? Share your ideas in the comments below, and let’s explore the endless possibilities that the Star Trek universe has to offer. Together, we can chart a course for Star Trek: Legacy that pays tribute to the franchise’s rich history while boldly going where no fan has gone before. Share our mission with others who are ready to beam aboard Letters 4 Legacy, and make Star Trek: Legacy so!

In a proposed storyline for Star Trek: Legacy Admiral Janeway and Captain Tuvok have been recombined into two new unique individuals; JANOK & TUVWAY.

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