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As we embark on our mission to bring Star Trek: Legacy to life, it’s important to remember the indomitable spirit of the fans who made the original “Save Star Trek” campaign a success. Our goal with “Letters 4 Legacy” is to honor their past efforts while harnessing the power of the Star Trek community to shape the future of the franchise.

In the mid-1960s, the original “Save Star Trek” campaign was born out of a desire to keep the beloved Star Trek series from being canceled after its second season. Fans, led by Bjo and John Trimble, organized a massive letter-writing campaign to NBC, urging the network to renew the show for a third season. Their efforts were successful, and the third season of Star Trek was greenlit, ensuring the longevity of a franchise that continues to thrive today.

If not for the efforts of the Trimbles and the fans who rallied behind them, Star Trek would be an afterthought today. There would be no movies, no spin-off shows, and none of the rich storytelling and exploration of the human condition that has made the franchise so iconic. The dedication and passion of these fans had a far-reaching impact that resonates even now.

While the existence of Star Trek does not depend on “Letters 4 Legacy,” the direction of the franchise does. For those who felt that the magic of The Next Generation had returned under Terry Matalas’s guidance in Picard Season 3, it’s crucial to take action and make the special effort to participate in Letters 4 Legacy. This is our chance to help shape the future of Star Trek and ensure that the stories we love continue to be told.

Just as the original “Save Star Trek” campaign harnessed the power of analog letter writing, “Letters 4 Legacy” aims to recapture that spirit by encouraging fans to send physical letters to Paramount+ executives. In an age where digital communication is the norm, the tangible nature of a physical letter carries a unique weight and significance. By putting pen to paper, we can demonstrate our dedication to the cause in a way that is both nostalgic and impactful.

We need your help to make “Letters 4 Legacy” a success. Join our Facebook group, Star Trek: Legacy, and invite your friends to do the same. Share our posts on social media, and use the hashtags #letters4legacy and #startreklegacy to spread the word. Together, we can make a difference and shape the future of the Star Trek franchise.

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