Letters 4 Legacy

Official Launch of Letters 4 Legacy-Let’s Bring Star Trek: Legacy to Life

Greetings, Star Trek fans! We are thrilled to welcome you to the Letters-4-Legacy mission, a dedicated grassroots fan letter-writing campaign to support the potential realization of “Star Trek: Legacy,” as proposed by “Star Trek: Picard” season 3 showrunner, Terry Matalas. Just as the original “Save Star Trek” campaign shaped the franchise’s future, we aim to honor that spirit by calling upon the power of our collective voices.

In an exciting tweet back in March 2023, Terry Matalas stoked the fires of speculation by hinting at a 25th-century adventure named “Star Trek: Legacy.” This possible spin-off, embodied in the Picard series finale with Seven of Nine at the helm of the Enterprise-G, could take us into new frontiers of Star Trek storytelling. Despite this tantalizing prospect, Matalas has clarified that there is currently no active production for “Star Trek: Legacy.” However, understanding the influence of Trek’s passionate fandom, he has encouraged us to “be loud.”

So, let’s answer that call! Paramount + may have a full schedule with Strange New Worlds, the newly announced Starfleet Academy replacing Discovery, and limited series and event films filling Picard’s slot, but history has shown that the voices of Star Trek fans can shape its future. Just like Bjo and John Trimble’s historic letter-writing campaign saved Star Trek in the past, Letters-4-Legacy is our chance to influence the future.

We’ve prepared resources to assist you in drafting your Letters-4-Legacy, including letter-writing tips and templates. Draw inspiration from our #Artists4Legacy gallery, showcasing fan art that visualizes the potential of Star Trek: Legacy. Stay up-to-date by subscribing to our Mission Log and participate in our plan of action:

  1. Continue streaming Star Trek: Picard Season 3
  2. Sign the online petition by The Popcast at terrytrek.com
  3. Send your Letters-4-Legacy to Paramount +
  4. Stay tuned for more updates

The recipient of our Letters-4-Legacy campaign is Tom Ryan, President & CEO: Streaming, Paramount Global. A seasoned executive in digital media and streaming services, Tom co-founded and served as CEO of Pluto TV before joining Paramount Global. Address your letters, expressing your enthusiasm for Star Trek: Legacy, to:

Mr. Tom Ryan

President & CEO: Streaming

Paramount Global

1515 Broadway

New York, NY 10036

Together, we can shape the future of Star Trek and explore new frontiers! Let’s work as one to turn Star Trek: Legacy from possibility to reality! The legacy of the future awaits…

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